Are you planning to buy or rent a house in Oakland, because you want a new start? How can you make sure that it a good and safe house, where you are only new in the place? There is a home inspection in Oakland service company that will help you make sure that you are safe and will be living in good place. 

There are many homes inspection service company that is well known and the license service company and the workers are professional and license themselves. How to choose the right company to choose, that can guarantee you the best performance and meticulous way of checking every inch of the house. After all the hassle we only want a home that you can rest with safe feeling and with peace in your head. Why not hire a professional for that job, not only to make your house picking easy but give you more assurance in your head?

What are the things to inspect before buying a house? There is checklist that the company will give you. You can be with them as they do the inspection. They will be gladly to give points and things what to remember on what to repair or needs to be change.  These are our top list to check when you are planning to move in a new home; 

The walls, ceiling, floor, floors, and windows 

You don’t want our house will just collapse when you live for a few days in the new home you invest to buy. Checking if the ceiling and walls are still durable and check if there are parts that needed to change or enhance. The floors and windows are very important too, this is the entry way and the exit of anybody. You don’t need anybody can easily access your property. All you have check these to make sure that no one can just barge in while you were comfy living. 

The electrical and water system 

You don’t want a house that cannot provide you these two properly. This one of the most basic things you need every day. Checking if the fuses are all right and will not cause fire and burn your house. Checking the water if it is safe to drink and to use, it is a must to know where does the water came from and where it is connected. 

The foundation, roofing and basement 

Better test if the foundation of the house is well built and will last many more years. We don’t what accidents and if calamity such as earthquake strike, we don’t want our house will just collapse in our bare eyes. The roofing making sure there is no leakage and if it needs to change the type of roof. The base make is important to check to because you can renovate this into something useful as you live in the house. 

We just want a house the gives us safety and security to live in. If you found that one house you like don’t hesitate to call a house inspection service company. They will help you from the little things you don’t mind but important to the most important stuff you needed to know.